My Life’s Journey

To allow someone special in our lives, share their experiences from their youth into the later years of wisdom.   For possibly the first time, allow them to reflect on all the ages and stages of what living on this earth has been like for them.

Unlike a standard relative-to-relative conversation, we present an honest probing of how they recall events and people in their life.  Who they are, and what things had impact on the manner of how they perceived life, as a whole.

In a very relaxed setting (at their residence), we sit and talk with them in the same approach used by Professor James Lipton of Pace University, as he is widely known as the in-depth interviewer, from his famous ‘The Actor’s Studio’ biography series. 

Questions are simple and yet revealing to help ‘see inside’ the personality of the individual being spoken to.  We limit our inquiry to short information seeking questions and attempt to step out of the way, so that the loved one can fully express their thoughts or ideas. 

The normal interview session will last just over an hour and may involve up to 50 questions, depending on the flow of conversation.  We honestly believe by the end of the visit, we will have a treasure chest of detailed information and stories that will enlighten, delight, surprise and maybe even bring a tear or two to those who partake in being a listener of the CD.

Some people have asked why isn’t this done as a video.  The answer is simple…a video requires the visual aspect of capture.  There is the possibility of vanity and the concern of appearance, which most defiantly would interfere with attempting to carry on a relaxed conversation.  The voice is a powerful tool, and hearing a loved one’s voice speaking can easily invoke a mental image of that person. And also, a much larger cost once you involve a camera and the other video production gear.   

We offer you this opportunity to experience a rare glimpse into the character and very soul of this person you so dearly love.  Once you receive our finished CDr’s, you will want to share it with other family members. Then, they too can enjoy the stories and the sound of hearing the voice of the one you cherish.


The Particulars

In order to assemble the necessary elements we will involve about 2 ½ hours in production preparation and actual interview, 2 hours of audio transferring & editing back at the studio (which includes mixing in the beautiful background music), and another 1 ½ hours of disc design, duplication and packaging of CDr’s to be shipped directly to you.

Each My Life’s Journey interview will include 3 copies with the name of your loved one finely printed on the disc.

Our package from start to completion is only $175.00 within the St. Louis local area (mileage above 30 mile radius will require an additional cost @ $1.00 per mile one way).

Also, additional disc’s can be ordered within one year of interview for an additional fee of $18 per unit (including S & H).



About Us

My name is Joseph Blasingame. Formerly a St. Louis on-air radio talent and interviewer. I now operate Blasingame Audio Productions as an Audio Engineer & Producer.

My wife, Katie Blasingame assist me in sometimes being the interviewer for My Life’s Journey sessions.  Plus she handles the graphic work of our website and our clients.



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often sooner than expected.

  Enjoy the beauty of the moment.